The gay dudes who write for Quick are jealous. Not too long ago, I interviewed Kathy Griffin. And because Quick requested a phoner and wasn’t granted one, they feel dissed. In today’s column, they assumed that they weren’t as “cute” as me, and that’s why they didn’t score a chit-chat.

Just so y’all know, La Griffin has never laid eyes on my fugly puss. Like every other dorky journalist , I simply request an interview whenever Kathy’s available. The June 5 interview was granted via Bravo publicity for the premiere of her newest season.

Looks like ticket sales are pretty good for Saturday’s gig. I requested another interview but never heard back. (Or maybe Kathy just doesn’t approve of my new summer hairdo.)

BUT! If y’all want to ask Kathy some questions, she’s hosting for Larry King on Friday night, and she’s taking questions on сайтинтернет реклама поисковое продвижение сайта