So we’ve finally heard the official news about KERA’s all-music station. The new KXT 91.7 FM launches Nov. 9 and will deliver all the music you always wanted to hear but never got from other stations. That’s what they’re saying — and if it’s from KERA, we believe it.

They’ll release more information about local hosts, programs and concerts as the launch gets closer but details right now are as follows: Morning, afternoon and evening shows will offer up to 11 hours of local programming; the Texas Mix will be a Friday midday feature (sweet!); The Paul Slavens Show will transfer over from 90.1 but remain on Sunday nights. They’ll also air national music shows including Acoustic Café, American Routes, Mountain Stage, Putumayo World Music Hour, Sound Opinions, The Thistle & Shamrock, UnderCurrents and World Café.

We did kinda chuckle at this statement – “KXT Weekend will air on Saturdays and Sundays.”

I spoke with Senior Marketing VP, Deborah Johnson to ask if there was any potential for LGBT-specific content. By the sounds of it, there isn’t any specific route right now for shows with a targeted demographic. According to her, it’s just about offering a music alternative to contemporary radio. “Our approach is  to provide a musical discovery. We want to give attention to Texas’ hallowed ground of musical history and vibrant contemporary music scene. There is so much there we’ll be able to mine and to offer,” Johnson said.

We can dig that. Besides, if they’ll be airing music “that otherwise may not be heard on free radio,” then, no doubt, that would include some of our favorite LGBT material anyway.

Here’s an idea of what their programming will feature.

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