I don’t usually comment on the work of critics’ from rival publications, but I had to make a mention of something Joy Tipping at the DMN said today in a review of “High School Musical:”

“Whatever its artistic merits, Disney’s ‘High School Musical’ has accomplished something possibly never before witnessed at the Music Hall at Fair Park: Throngs of children and teens lined up giddy with excitement over like theater.”  

(I reviewed it too this week; you can read that here.)  

 The thing is, I saw what she described just last week. If you want to expose your offspring to good age-appropriate theater, take ’em to DCT’s “Frog and Toad.” But please don’t take them to the kind of show that would put most discerning kids off their feed. We want to encourage theater-attendance, not bore them.чат онлаинпродвижение сайтов россия