County Clerk Kim Davis

Attorneys for the couples who tried to obtain marriage licenses from County Clerk Kim Davis want her to pay the bill, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

In September, they asked U.S. District Judge David Bunning, the same judge who jailed Davis for five days in 2015 for refusing to do her job and issue marriage licenses, to order her to pay.

Davis’ attorneys filed a brief this week that claims the couples didn’t win a court victory against her. Instead, she held out and the legislature created a solution that allowed marriage licenses to be issued without the county clerk’s signature. Bunning did dismiss the case against Davis in August, because the legislature resolved the matter.

Attorneys for the couples argue that that doesn’t change that she didn’t do her job last summer.

Rowan County has also weighed in. They claim Davis is an elected official, not a county employee, so taxpayers shouldn’t be stuck with the bill.

The fees total $233,058.

In Texas, Hood County Clerk Katie Lang refused to issue marriage licenses immediately after the marriage equality ruling as well, but backed off when she told she could be held personally liable for expenses, should the couples sue.