Davis mug shotEven before her release from jail, Kim Davis’ attorneys said she would stop marriage licenses from being issued once she got back to her office.

The Rowan, Ky. county clerk said her objection is having her name continue to appear on marriage licenses of same-sex couples. Since beginning to issue licenses, her name has been removed and they read, “Rowan County, Rowan County County Clerk,” according to the Washington Post.

There’s a very simple way to get her name removed from those licenses.

In order to get your name onto the licenses in the first place, you have to run for the office that issues those licenses. Once you’re no longer holding that office, your name no longer appears on new licenses issued by that county.

So she could practice her religion all she wants by leaving office. But apparently her religious belief ends when her $80,000 salary is threatened.

Davis hasn’t carried through on her threat to stop marriage licenses from being issued yet, because she remained in Carter County, where she had been jailed, to participate in a rally presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was throwing for her.

Huckabee said if she had to go back to jail, he’d serve the time for her. He might as well. He really doesn’t have anything better to do.