Lambda Weekly co-hosts David Taffet and Patti Fink surrounded by dignitaries

KNON FM, the community radio station and host of the Lambda Weekly radio show, has found a new home.

Station manager Dave Chaos posted the news on Facebook.

“We are moving to 11311 North Central Expressway in Dallas. We searched high and low and then some more and have finally found a spot. [We discovered it] on a 110 degree afternoon at the end of a long day looking at places,” he wrote.

The station learned last month they would need to move from their current home on Maple Avenue by the end of September, but had nowhere to go.

The new location, 11311 North Central Expressway, is located southbound on Central Expressway service road between Forest and Royal.

It is the station’s third move in its 30-year history.

The current property will be razed and replaced by storage units.

Hopefully it will be close to Erin Moore and co-host Patti Fink’s home. I hear she’s often late.