“I know we didn’t deliberately leave it out, and I know we made a big stink about it when we saw that it wasn’t there.”
Maria Rubio, former president of the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance, on not including gender identity in the first draft of the city’s 2002 revision of its antidiscrimination ordinance

“I’m determined to find this guy.”
Frank Black, organizer for Texas EquuSearch, on the search for a missing Madison County man presumed to be dead

“All the dogs will be wearing LifeWalk bandanas this year.”
Raeline Nobles, executive director of AIDS Arms Inc., on the fundraiser’s newest feature

“Everyone just seemed to love the evening.”
Craig Popkess, executive director of the Turtle Creek Chorale, about the season premiere and first performance under new artistic director Jonathan Palant

“I encourage people to be very specific and very explicit with me. I could care less if you are hooking up with 10 guys a week, as long as you do it safely.”
Mikael Andrews, outreach testing coordinator for the Resource Center of Dallas, on fielding questions from people in chat rooms about HIV and sexually transmitted diseases

“It was a relatively new phenomenon back then, and I thought I was crazy. I really did. I thought they’d lock me away in a rubber room or something.”
Deborah Grabowski, Dallas’ first known transgender police officer, recalling how she felt about her gender identity as a child

“Paul is gone from us, not for 45 years but forever. We need to send a message that hate crimes are not acceptable and will not be condoned or pardoned.”
Nancy Rodriguez, mother of murder victim Paul Broussard, calling on people to write letters to the parole board to try to keep one off her son’s killers behind bars

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition October 12, 2007 раскрутка интернет магазина