“Throughout history society has considered sodomy with distaste and revulsion and has passed statutes which outlaw its commission.”

Former Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade, now deceased, on his support for the sodomy law that allowed prison sentences of up to 15 years for gay men caught having sex

“If someone doesn’t participate, I think it draws more attention to them than if they’re in the parade. I think it’s becoming a norm.”

Michael Doughman, Dallas Tavern Guild executive director, on Mayor Tom Leppert’s decision to walk in the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade in September

“He said if you’re a man, then you have to look like a man to come into our casino. We were just dismissed, totally. It was a blatant display of discrimination to me.”

Jody Pleasant, a Dallas transgender woman, on a Louisiana casino’s decision to deny her access to the facility

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition August 3, 2007 oksnatcherтехническая поддержка сайта это