"My job is to give life to the stories of these unfinished lives. That’s a place to begin. Until we have that, we have nothing else to build on."

Stephen Sprinkle, associate professor at Texas Christian University’s Brite School of Divinity,
on the book he plans to publish about anti-gay murders in the U.S.

"If Obama wins, they’re going to scrunch up their faces and pout about it, but they’ll end up voting for Obama in the end."

Jason Bradberry, Stonewall Democrats of Dallas member,
on Hillary Clinton supporters and tension within the LGBT community stemming from the Democratic presidential primary

"I just don’t know whether it’s worth the hassle of having to deal with people who are so hateful. There were some scary times for me."

Carrollton Mayor Becky Miller
on whether she’ll ride in Dallas’ gay Pride parade again after her appearance in the 2006 parade led to threats against her and her family

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 21, 2008
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