“It is first and foremost a flood protection project, and it is the most important flood protection project we can do.”
Mary Suhm, Dallas city manager, about the Trinity River Corridor project

“I’m looking forward to seeing some of this stuff. Some of the stuff I think is totally beyond belief.”
Stan Aten, Oak Cliff resident, about the Trinity River Corridor project

“They are working to knock it down as close to zero as possible.”
Dave Richardson, Oak Lawn merchant, about law enforcement officials’ response to his complaints about crime in the entertainment district

“We envision a little bit of a change in direction.”
Kathy Collier, co-president of PFLAG in Dallas, on goals she and co-president Kathy Connell have set for the organization

“We in no way discount the value of our donors. We have a very competent staff now, and any concerns there may have been in the past have been addressed now.”
Paul E. Scott, executive director of the Resource Center of Dallas, on complaints that donations to the agency were not properly acknowledged

“I’m not out to get anybody. I just think people ought to know what has been going on and how their donations are handled.”
Jim Mallory, about why he went public with complaints about how the Resource Center of Dallas improperly handled his donations to the organization

“The faith, commitment and courage of this congregation is amazing.”
The Rev. Lea Brown, new pastor of the Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church, on efforts to rebuild after a fire destroyed the church in June siteнаполнение сайта контентом joomla