Everybody seems to be very pleased with the efforts we’ve put in. Order has been restored a little more.

Dallas policeman Keith Allen about efforts to stop people from hanging out in parking lots on Cedar Springs Road.

Over the last couple of weeks I have seen an improvement.

Lee Daughtery, owner of Alexandre’s, about the problem he had with people hanging out in the parking lot after the nightclub closed at night

This is a launching pad for our library.

Christine Jarosz, executive director of Women’s Communities Association, about the “Festival of Ideas” program that will showcase the group’s new library

I feel like a member of the community was chopped down.

Bret Camp, clinic director of the Nelson-Tebedo Health Resource Center, about a young tree that was chopped down by a valet parking attendant

We’re hoping to put on a good time for everybody.

David Dupuuy, a coordinator of the “Lightning Bowl,” which benefits AIDS Interfaith Network

The good news is we are talking with the networks about possible future carriage.

Gary Underwood, director of communications for Time Warner Cable North Texas Division, about the absence of Here! and Logo on demand service

I’m switching to Dish. They’ve got Logo. They’ve got Here!

Dallas resident Michael Milliken about his reaction to learning that local cable television no longer offers the gay TV channels on its demand service

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, August 11, 2006. сайтреклама в газете метро спб