By Various Sources

“We’re getting huge crowds and people are loving it. I have not received one complaint about the content of the movie.”
Terri Atmore, general manager of the Magnolia Theater, about “Brokeback Mountain”

“We have some people we would love to have go away, and we can’t do
anything about it.”
Dave Richardson, a merchant on Cedar Springs, about panhandlers in the area

“I want people to know I am not the jackass I have accidentally portrayed myself as.”
Dan Piraro, on a recent installment of his syndicated cartoon, “Bizarro”

“We’re seeing more people, and we’re seeing people who need more help than they usually did in the past.”
Paul E. Scott, executive director of the Resource Center of Dallas, on how the influx of HIV-positive people displaced by Hurricane Katrina has affected his organization

“I want to work very, very hard to make all of my colleagues on the City Council proud, and I hope I’ll be able to live up to the trust that they put in my hands.”
Christine Quinn, first woman and first gay person to head the New York City Council

“This proposed anti-gay, anti-marriage amendment is meant solely to reverse the decision that ended marriage discrimination in Massachusetts.”
Gary Buseck, legal director for Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, on a lawsuit filed to block a proposed ballot question to amend the state’s constitution цены на копирайтинг за 1000 знаковпродвижение бухгалтерского сайта