“We are technically a soup kitchen, but I try to run it like a restaurant in the sense that everything is fresh.”
Joe Rubio, chef for the AIDS Resource Center, about the hot meals program

“It has been a really fun project, but it has not been without its bumps. Everything that is worth something doesn’t come easy.”
Dean Carter, chairman of the Triangle ofOak Lawn Project, about the planned start of construction next week

“One of the biggest problems is not having a big enough space for the youth to meet in.”
Bob Miskinis, program director for Youth First Texas, about plans to expand the building

“If I can’t commit to a project 100 percent, I won’t do it.”
Mark Frazier, winner of the Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Award

“The electorate is angry and school finance is a huge issue. There is a long-shot chance that Democrats could win a majority in the House in November.”
Shannon Bailey, president, Stonewall Democrats of Texas сайтиндексация сайтов google