“When the stars are aligned properly perhaps a group will form to follow through with the plans.”

Real estate agent Lory Masters about the possibility of a gay and lesbian retirement facility being built in Dallas

“When the horse is dead, get off.”

Robert Voelkle, coordinator of the Silver Hope Project, about plans for the gay and lesbian retirement facility hitting a dead end

“The members of the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Dallas understand Parkland’s importance to the community. Their support of the Simmons Ambulatory Surgery Center is an investment that will help us continue our mission of providing quality medical care to all.”

Dr. Ron Anderson, president and chief executive officer of Parkland Health & Hospital System

“[DISD doesn’t] let us say the word condom. Personally, I think it’s insulting, because the pregnancy and syphilis rates in this county show that young people are having sex, and all you’re allowed to say is don’t do it.”

Raeline Nobles, executive director, AIDS Arms

“It gives you the sensation of ewww. I guess that’s the best way to describe it.”

Wayne Beasley, about learning a man he played pool with has confessed to raping and killing 23 men in southeast Louisiana

“Take a few moments to understand what is going on around you.”

Dallas Police Department officer Keith Allen about the need for people to be careful during the holidays

“A prearranged, prepaid funeral doesn’t matter when the next of kind intervenes. You need to list an agent that you know will look out for your best wishes.”

Joel Lazarine, legal director, Dallas Legal Hospice

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, October 20, 2006. поддержка web сайта ucoz