“It will provide members of the transgender community with the tools they need to be empowered and to take care of their own destinies.”
Micki Garrison, co-founder of Gender Education Advocacy and Resources, on the new program’s mission

“Who knows what could behind it. Obviously, something is setting this up for them to all of a sudden, out of the blue generate this initiative.”
Michael Doughman, executive director of the Dallas Tavern Guild, about increased surveillance on nightclubs by Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission agents

“There are very few secrets anymore. And very few closets.”
Country singer Willie Nelson, on how a video for his song about gay cowboys could help bride the gap between gays and non-gays.

“You tend to become a victim when you engage in risky behavior.”
Laura Martin, GLBT liaison officer for Dallas Police, on the danger of gay men being injured or killed when they pick up strangers in a bar

“We’ve had beneficiaries come and go. Last year, the Women’s Chorus of Dallas was not a beneficiary, but they are this year. Our selections are based purely on the information included in the applications.”
Deiadra Burns, co-chair of the Black Tie Dinner, on how beneficiaries are chosen

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