“I’ve never seen anything so close to organized crime on a county level than what I’ve been through.”

Constable Mike Dupree, about the ongoing efforts to remove him from office

“I feel very lucky to have no-fault early voting.”

Pete Webb, president of the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance, about the opportunity to vote early in Texas.

“The Dallas City Council has to make sure the plan they adopted is the one that is implemented.”

Mayor Laura Miller, about the Trinity River Corridor Project

“It was definitely worth it definitely, definitely, definitely because I finally get to be me.”

Rochelle Evans, a transgender teen, on an agreement with the Fort Worth Independent School District that allows her to return to classes after being suspended

“I’ll just say it’s not unheard of that companies might tow off of a property that they don’t have a valid contract on.”

Gary Titlow, a transportation regulation manager for the city of Dallas, on allegations of a towing scam going on in Oak Lawn

“Why was this piece considered morally offensive? Because the model is older? Because she is disfigured by disease? Or are there implied subtexts to this piece simply because I am an obvious dyke?”

Lesbian artist Rhon Drinkwater, about her painting of a breast cancer survivor that was removed from an exhibit

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