“Primarily, at this point, we really need to be up on TV. You’ve got to raise the same amount of money in one-tenth of the time.”

Openly gay City Councilman Ed Oakley, on the keys to winning his mayoral runoff against Tom Leppert on June 16

“This is someone who’s a Republican who wants to run for mayor in a Democratic city. People are saying don’t make this a partisan thing, but I’m sorry.”

Jesse Garcia, president, Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, on mayoral candidate Tom Leppert

“I think the turnout could have been better. The GLBT community has a
history of being active and vocal, and I think the percentages from them
in this election were just dismal.”

District 3 City Council Candidate Joseph Hernandez, on the estimated 16 percent LGBT voter turnout in the May 12 election

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 18, 2007 сайтузнать место сайта в поисковике