“This is a very proud, strong community and we all need to stand together. That way we can make a difference and get this act passed. If we fragment, we can’t win.”

Cyndi Lauper, on this summer’s True Colors tour to promote the federal Matthew Shepard Act

“It’s been about two years now since I have had my last treatment, and I am needing a small touch-up. But if it wasn’t for Sculptra, I don’t know where I would be today.”

HIV sufferer Michael Anderson, on treatment for lipoatrophy, a condition that causes facial fat loss

“Having a situation like this is hard enough, but it’s compounded because of what has happened in the past.”

Michael Liebermann, owner of the Turtle Creek Athletic Club, on being locked out of his facility over past-due rent

“LGBT people will go away with the tools they need.”

Roger Wedell, chairman of HRC’s local Faith and Religious Committee, on an upcoming seminar about advocacy

“I have never been to anything so phenomenal as that. They could milk a cow to the last drop.”

Mark Shekter, a Dallas real estate broker, on the company that handled the auction of condominiums at the Centrum building

“I’d be happy to do that. I don’t have any issue with it at all.”

Mayoral candidate Tom Leppert, on whether if elected he would ride in the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade

“We’ve progressed as a community, we’ve progressed as a city, and I think the article is one aspect of that progression.”

Pete Webb, president of the Dallas Gay & Lesbian Alliance, on a story about the local LGBT community in an upcoming issue of Time Magazine

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, May 25, 2007. сопровождение сайтапозиция сайта в поисковых запросах