“When you run for mayor, your are on your very best behavior, but he did this anyway when everyone was watching.”

Outgoing Dallas Mayor Laura Miller, on her dismay that mayoral candidate and Councilman Ed Oakley helped get an item on the agenda that Miller believes involved proposed strong-arm tactics against a local business owner

“We’re going to try to beat that, but if you’re a better forecaster of the weather than we are, I’m ready to bring you on board.”

Mark Bouma, engineering director for the North Texas Tollway Authority, on the new June 29 date for reopening of the Cedar Springs Road bridge

“In Dallas, we have such an amazing HRC group. We just need to take full advantage of the organization, and so far, we are off the ground and running with doing that.”

Human Rights Campaign regional field director Sarah Scanlon, on HRC’s role in Ed Oakley’s campaign for Dallas mayor

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, June 1, 2007. siteрекламные щиты цены