“You can speculate and you can wish and you can hope. But until it happens, it’s not for certain.”

Constable Mike Dupree, about the outcome of a court hearing to determine if he should be removed from office

“It’s just totally preposterous. There was no coordination at all between that recommendation and that story.”

Dallas Morning News Editor Bob Mong, on conspiracy theories suggesting that the DMN deliberately printed a story on mayoral candidate Ed Oakley’s sexual orientation on the same day the paper endorsed Tom Leppert for mayor

“There is a sense that there is a wound, and I think we need to quickly heal that wound.”

Former City Councilwoman Veletta Forsythe Lill, on the need for LGBT supporters to educate new council members in the wake of the June 16 runoff

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, June 22, 2007. race mobilрекламный сайт украина