“Sometimes the holidays can exacerbate an addiction because of shame or homophobia.”
Franky Smith, director of Pride Institute of Texas at Millwood Hospital in Arlington, on LGBT people recognizing addiction problems at year’s end

“The fact that we have beaten the $1 million mark for four years in a row is outstanding. We couldn’t be happier. Of course, that raises the bar higher and higher for us each year, but that’s OK.”
Randy Ray, 2007 Black Tie Dinner co-chair, on the $1.27 million the organization distributed to 19 beneficiaries this week

“I’m here to say to people that I want to help prevent other young gay guys from experiencing what I experienced, because I don’t want them to be hurt, and I was hurt really badly.”
Joseph Stabile, a 19-year-old Richardson resident, on his experiences at an ex-gay treatment facility operated by Pure Life Ministries in Northern Kentucky

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 21, 2007. бесплатная реклама в гуглестатейное продвижение сайта