“They’re going to be high, hard and protected.”

Bret Camp, associate executive director of the Dallas Resource Center, on the misleading marketing message people are likely to hear from drug dealers pushing a dangerous cocktail of Viagra, the HIV drug tenofovir and ecstasy

“Even though we had our ups and downs and crazy turnarounds, my being under his leadership took me to places I never thought I would go.”

Serita Agnew, former employee of the HIV service organization founded by Don Sneed, on the controversial activist’s recent death

“This isn’t a case of where the Cathedral of Hope wants
world domination.”

David Plunkett, spokesman for the Cathedral of Hope, on the Dallas gay megachurch’s plans
to start satellite campuses in cities from Los Angeles to Orlando

“We’re still holding out to see their responses, and we would talk about any contingency plans later.”

Jeff Lutes, executive director of Soulforce, on what will happen if prominent Christian evangelists refuse to meet with volunteer families organized by the LGBT civil rights group

“When Stonewall endorses, they put all their resources behind the candidate they endorse, and that’s what makes it important.”

Darlene Ewing, chair of the Dallas County Democratic Party, on why the backing of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas has become so highly sought after

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition January 18, 2008

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