“There’s a real difference between a candidate who shows up to win support and ask for support, and a candidate who’s been there earning support.”
Kirk McPike, campaign manager for Sheriff Lupe Valdez, on a vote by Stonewall Democrats to endorse the incumbent over challenger Peter Schulte

“We expect a clean sweep. We expect the Democrats to win every contested race countywide in Harris County. We expect to do a Dallas County on them.”
Ray Hill, longtime Houston gay-rights activist, on his prediction for the 2008 elections

“We’re talking about an extremely conservative Republican donor who has now, not surprisingly, backed a Democrat who is supporting Tom Craddick.”
Brian Thompson, openly gay candidate for Texas House District 46, on Houston homebuilder Bob Perry’s contributions to Thompson’s opponent

“We have had local cases, and it continues to be of concern. It’s something you need to be aware of, and it’s something you need to respect, but it isn’t something to fear”
Bret Camp, clinic director at the Resource Center of Dallas, on the threat posed by a new drug-resistant strain of staph infection in the gay community

“From a very practical point of view, for the dollars that were put into these programs, the returns were enormous. I just can’t find the logic in it.”
Steven Pace, executive director of the AIDS Interfaith Network, on federal funding cuts that threaten a hot meals program provided by the agency

“When we supported Mayor [Laura] Miller originally and took that stand for her, some of our members were not happy.”
Michael Doughman, executive director of the Dallas Tavern Guild, on why the group representing bar owners doesn’t plan to take a position on a proposed smoking ban

“Although our approach is very broad, we are not losing track of the fact that huge numbers of gay men are still affected by this.”
Lloyd Rodgers, prevention program manager for AIDS Arms Inc., on the agency’s new walk-in testing program for HIV

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition January 25, 2008
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