“One of the things I wanted to do was be a guinea pig.”
Maeve O’Connor, steering committee member for the local transgender group GEAR, on her decision to become a patient before endorsing the group’s new hormone therapy clinic

“Between the scenes, the team is more likely to be doing splits with the cheerleaders than throwing a football around.”
David Taffet, a regular extra on NBC Channel 5’s “Friday Night Lights”

“The other students have been very supportive, which is a
surprise to me.”

Mackenzie Maxwell, a Royse City High School senior who produced a public service announcement video that school officials refused to let her air because of its lesbian content

“We’ve had no negative response at all from our community.”
Jo Nell Mellody, spokeswoman for the Royse City Independent School District, about school officials’ decision to ban a student’s public service announcement video unless she edits out lesbian content

“At this point it is not certain whether or not this will be a hate crime issue.”
Paul Lara, spokesman for the Dallas Fire Department, on whether an openly gay school district employee was the target of a recent arson on the Lincoln High School campus

“It’s not the Will Truman model.”
Gary Gates, senior research fellow at UCLA’s Williams Institute, on a recent study showing that same-sex parents in Texas are as ethnically diverse as their straight counterparts but tend to have fewer economic resources

“You can’t foster an inclusive work environment without having basic protections in place for every employee to feel that they’re protected from discrimination on the job.”
Daryl Herrschaft, director of the Workplace Project at the Human Rights Campaign, about the need for anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 1, 2008 mobile onlineyandex тиц