“This is not something Jesus would have done.”
Kim McLaughlin, a straight woman who is trying to convince The Episcopal School of Wichita Falls to change its anti-gay policies.

“Any objective journalist has addressed a lot of issues they don’t personally believe in, but they put their personal feelings aside.”
Ann Work, an education reporter who lectured a woman about the Bible and the Old Testament’s condemnation of homosexuality

“It’s a travesty and a shame that Cambridge University would publish the work of a charlatan ideologue like Paul Cameron.”
Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, about the publication of an anti-gay researcher’s article

“It’s a really cool space. It should be a fun, fun evening.”
Margaret Byrne, special events coordinator for AIDS Arms, about the kick-off party for the 2006 LifeWalk at the Dallas World Aquarium.

“It was really interesting to see our community wrap itself around this issue and really dig into it.”
Jessica Savage, editor-in-chief of SMU’s The Daily Campus, on controversy stirred by student’s column on gay rights published in the school newspaper.

“It is a tragedy that so many good pastoral leaders have to hide and live in fear when they have gifts and graces in abundance to share.”
The Rev. Joretta Marshall, chair of the board of the Reconciling Minisries Network, on GLBT clergy in the United Methodist Church

“There is going to be a convergence of Internet, television and telephone service. Eventually, it will all be one thing.”
Jimmy Barlett, of Oaklawn.TV, on the future of the news coverage on the Internet

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