"You can sound lofty and say working in animal welfare is a calling. Some people call it an addiction."

Jonnie England,
animal welfare advocate,
on what motivates her

"We have a California chairman who’ll be dealing with that. I don’t stick my nose in some other state’s business."

Cathie Adams,
executive director of the Texas Eagle Forum,
on whether she’ll get involved in the battle over a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in California

"I just felt like I had been teased — as if, you know, as if the world had teased me about what I could be."

Rochelle Evans,
transgender teen from Fort Worth,
on the struggles she’s endured since making headlines last year

"I’m not shocked, but I am disappointed."

Rob Wiley,
gay Dallas attorney,
on the fact that a city ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation has seen little activity since being enacted in 2002

"I understand the interest in transparency. I also understand the interest in individual privacy. That is a question that might be a good one for an open dialogue."

Veletta Forsyth Lill,
former Dallas councilwoman,
on whether complaints alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation should be public

"I closed the GLAAD chapter there because Dallas had a couple of egos that really did not serve the purpose of the organization. It became more about promoting themselves than bettering the community."

William Waybourn,
former national GLAAD director,
on efforts to re-establish the local chapter

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 23, 2008.

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