“I sleep well at night knowing I don’t rip people apart and tear them down.”
Tom Malin, Democratic candidate for the Texas House

“He should step down now.”
Shannon Bailey, president of Stonewall Democrats of Texas, on controversy surrounding Malin’s campaign

“It was Tom who did the damage by not disclosing these issues and being honest up front.”
Michael Moon, president of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, on revelations that Malin previously worked as a call boy

“This is our chamber’s way of addressing the tragedy in New
Orleans and in Ocean Springs. The New Orleans AIDS Task Froce has
experienced a tremendous loss, and Ocean Springs is devastated.”
Leo Cusimano, president of the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce

“That’s kind of a controversial topic with a lot of people, especially in the Cedar Springs entertainment area where people don’t necessarily want to be seen.”
Laura Martin, Dallas Police Department’s GLBT liaison officer, on the possibility of cameras being installed in entertainment districts

“Our team is committed to pursue an even greater agenda because we feel that the time is ripe and that coming out is our community’s greatest weapon.”
Jonathan Boarman, co-chair of the Dallas-Fort Worth Coming Out Project

“It is crucial in terms of money we need to run the Resource Center.”
Catherine Mouton, special events coordinator for the Resource Center of Dallas, on the importance of the Toast to Life fundraiser this weekend

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, February 24, 2006.
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