Last night, I caught a preview screening of the new Jack Black animated movie, “Kung Fu Panda.” It’s a cuddly tale about a Po (Black), an overweight klutz who works at his dad’s noodle shop but dreams of being a kung fu master. Action-packed, the 90-minute flick speeds along at a surprisingly quick pace, and Black’s voice work is hilarious. Also — you don’t have to worry about Po falling in love with a girl panda, although other voices include Angelina Jolie and Lucy Liu.


If you know a proud member of the bear community, take him as your date. Y’all will love it.

It seems that word is already out. There was a sloth of queer bears sitting in the row behind me at the AMC NorthPark.

Kung Fu Panda opens Friday, June 6 in wide release.

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