I joined the Ladies’ Lunch gang yesterday to hit up the newest taco spot in town. Rusty Taco opened April 12 in the old Just Brakes location on University and Greenville. We weren’t sure if we’d have a motor oil aftertaste, but we were all about looking deep into this taco.

We pulled up around 11:45 to an awkward parking lot but snagged a spot quickly. However, we were a little distressed over this sight. RTaco1But that line out the door didn’t take too long and the ladies taking our orders were cool, collected and upbeat enough to forget the wait.

The menu is thankfully simple but the options are above average. And with every taco at $2, Chance and I splurged on three. Being the real lady of this lunch, Kristina ordered a dainty two. We dug the best bet of $1 chips and salsa. Major score.

The place did a great redo of the station while keeping its original architecture. We liked that they kept the garage doors. The front patio was spacious and perfect for a nice spring day. The view of the Parkit Markit and Energy Square weren’t’t all that inspiring, though.


After ordering, we got our self-serve drinks and sat down at one of the communal tables. Weirdly enough, no one sat next to us. The tacos were delivered to our table soon after and we were on our Rusty Taco journey.

Kristina ordered the beef fajita and chicken tacos. However, she had more to say about the decor than the food:

I would go back for sure. I enjoyed my chicken and beef taco, and loved the salsa. All was good eats, just not above and beyond. Taco Joint is still numero uno. The place was super presh and I loved the juke box and garage windows. It felt a little like sitting in a high school cafeteria but sucks when you sit in front of the only trash can. Loved the salsa right at the table, but wouldn’t have minded a salsa bar. PS: Where’s my jalapeno ranch? Let’s get real here. That’s what was really missing. Major eye candy and LOVED the patio option if it hadn’t been chilly. I would give it 3.5 out of 5.


Chance and I had to order the Rusty Taco — a corn tortilla filled with anchiote pork and charred pineapple. We both ordered the chicken, but Chance opted for brisket and I ended with the fish taco.  Chance said he thought the Rusty was the best but otherwise, he was pretty much on board with Kristina.

For a gal who normally keeps it on the west side during the lunch hour, this was a really enjoyable lunch venture across 75, . A super-cute setup! I will for sure be back for the atmosphere alone, especially the patio. The food was all right, but not blowing my skirt up. I wasn’t opposed to the food, though. I could have used some more spice in it, or at least in the salsas and sauces. All the food seemed super-fresh, and I love that you’re able to see the food being prepared.


I like the quirkiness of Rusty Taco and I especially like the prices. I can’t say I was wowed by my food. All three tacos needed a pinch of salt to bring out their flavor more. The meats were cooked well and the garnish was ample but not overpowering. Somehow though, the tacos were lacking. There is none of the punchy flavor that I would get from an authentic taqueria or even certain gas stations.

The place itself is a great spot to hang for some cheap tacos, a beer and the airy breeze. Plus, service was casual, friendly and quick. I would go back just for that. But then I’d just have to add some salt and salsa to my food.


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