As long as The Porch has been there on Henderson and I lived not too far from it, I never made it out there. In this first week that I’ve moved away from Dallas, I found myself there for lunch today thanks to Lady Luncher and colleague Ramon Vega. And that meant, I would finally get my hands on their famous burger, The Stodg. From what I gathered, I was six ounces of beef away from a cardiac nightmare — or as I prefer to call it, a dream.


There is nothing I can tell you about the burger that you haven’t already heard. The menu lists it as “6oz, Aged Cheddar, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Fried Egg & LTMO on Foie Buttered Bun.” That’s mouthwatering already, unless you’re John Wright with his vegetarian ways. When the server brought it to the table, I swear a heavenly spotlight shone down on it. As you can see, the burger was stacked beautifully with usual burger fixings and the egg was perfectly done. I prefer two-handing a burger no matter the size, but I knew this needed to be a moderate intake (it was lunch), so I blaspheme-ily cut it in half.

Good thing. At medium-well, the burger was an orgasmic charge of layered flavors and grease. The meat held its own but never did I miss out on the egg, cheese, the veggies and even the bread. The yolk oozed everywhere in the cut so I had to actually eat the burger with a knife and fork. Yes, lame, but once you have, you should agree it’s totally forgivable. The Parmesan onion rings were huge and only three come to an order. Delicious, but I kinda wished I ordered the more ample side of sea-salted fries.

Ramon had the three-grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. I snagged a small bite, but even with that, it might have been the best I’ve ever tasted. Sorry, mom — The Porch just sucker-punched your GC sandwich. The overflowing melted Port Salute, cheddar and provolone cheeses sparked a jealous streak in  me I’ve never felt before. This would definitely be next on the list. Here is Ramon’s take.

Well, it instantly made me feel better and I’m sick today — it’s the perfect summer flu  meal! (Ed. note: Flu??) The combo of cheeses was excellent. I could taste each one and I loved the toasted brioche. Dipping it in the vegan tomato soup was delicious. And the soup was simple but amazing!


We got there just after 11:30 and took a quick seat on the patio. By the time we were done, people were waiting at the concierge-like greeter station for a table. Our server Kevin was quick, knew the menu and overall a perfect waiter. This was a more extravagant lunch totaling to just under $40. Far more than the price of a Happy Meal, but after this lunch, we both were oh-so happy. And now I’m looking forward to the other half of the burger for later.рекламные агентства ульяновска