The three crispy taco combo is simple but outstanding.
The three crispy taco combo at Taco Joint is simple but outstanding.

Taco Joint is nothing new to some of the DV staffers. We’ve been heading to the East Dallas spot for a few months now enjoying their tasty tacos and affordable daily specials.  Just a couple of us made it to T-Jo’s today for an early lunch. They’ve been a reliable go-to spot for midday noshing and once again they did not disappoint.

Admittedly, we weren’t overly flattered by the fried fish fritter taco special. It sounded good but with residual fried-foodery from the Fair in our hearts and minds, we weren’t in the mood. But it sounds like a great Lent option. Looking through the window on the way in, a guy was devouring his tortilla soup which sounded delish but a tad pricy we thought at $4. We could make it a meal by adding other items on the menu but even at $7 and some change for soup, it was a bit steep. Of course, it should be said that we both were in frugal mode.

We decided to go back to basics and opted for the three crispy taco special. It comes with a side of rice in beans (not rice and beans) and a drink for $5.99. We also ordered chips and salsa for a $1.99.  What we love about their tacos is the freshness and simplicity. Simple ground sirloin, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes fill out a grease-kissed taco shell. The tacos are plumped full with each ingredient, although we wouldn’t mind more cheese, please. Each bite may fall apart in your hands but it doesn’t matter because what made it in your mouth is so delicious.

For whatever reason, we cannot get enough of their tiny salsa bar. The regular salsa is mild but not another Pace Picante variation. It feels more like a tomato salsa puree with enough heat that satisfies but never distracting. But their jalapeno ranch is uh-maz-ing. It’s nothing more than what it’s called but pour it over everything on your plate and it’s worthwhile. We love it on chips but on tacos or their Big B burrito, it adds a whole other level to the already tasty bite. It’s not overly thick or heavy like ranch dressing and like the salsa, doesn’t go overboard with jalapeno spiciness.

There are two kinds of beef we like at T-Jo’s. The beef in the tacos and the beef standing in line. Apologies to the girl-watchers out there. We couldn’t give you the best assessment but the eye candy of the male persuasion is perhaps the best lunch dessert in town. But we’d be satisfied regardless because the cashier (and perhaps owner?) who takes our order each time is always charming and genuinely grateful for the patronage. Plus, when he repeats our names for the order, it becomes a total swoonfest. In which we then, of course, forget to ask his name.siteсайт на гугл