Chi Chi LaRue began the evening with an invocation, telling the 500-plus crowd, “These movies are fucking hot and need to be recognized. We can dog each other all year long, but tonight, we need to support each other.”

Then she introduced Lady Bunny as the emcee “guaranteed to offend everyone.” And Bunny delivered — with a filthy musical mash-up:

“I’m Coming Out” morphed into a nouveau version of Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind” with the verses “If you could read my behind, like a stretched out pussy.”

“All That Jazz” became “All That Jizz.”

A nod to Elton was re-written: “Don’t let your son go down on me. Because I’m recovering from VD, and he’s only 13.”

Bunny saluted Whitney Houston with “I Will Always Smoke You,” dedicated to “that lesbian crack whore.”

She also payed homage to another beloved queen, Ricky Martin, with a version of “Living La Pinga Loca” with a chorus that went: “Sucking his pinga loca/His cum like tapioca/That motherfucker will choke ya.”

— Daniel A. Kusner
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