Lady Gaga

Not since Britney’s show last September have the gays been buzzing like this. Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour is now just four days away — or three days and some hours for the diehards. While gals are curling their hair with beer cans and boys are bedazzling their American Apparel tees (which would be at least one of my colleagues here who shall remain nameless), I thought I’d share some Gaga tidbits leading up to the concerts. So call up “Alejandro” and get your “Poker Face” on, because we’re making way for Gaga.

Perhaps our favorite Gaga nugget is her appearance at, of all places, the Round-Up Saloon. Clearly before the phenomenon, she was just another female singer with a dance song — and most likely a remix EP. I remember when this happened (I wasn’t there, however) and wondered if she accidentally showed up at the wrong club. Surely, she meant to stop at S4 or even Havana, but alas, it was the country and western bar.

The Gaga Countdown presents: Lady Gaga live at the Round-Up from the summer of ’08.