We’re none too happy Lady Gaga opted to leave Dallas off her North American tour. What did we do to deserve that? But her lacking itinerary wasn’t going to stop one person. Office mate Chance wasn’t going to let a bit of distance come between him and his Fame Monster. He flew out to Atlanta and got his Gaga fill last night. He and bud Carly sent me these images to get a feel for the show. His video lacks some major zoom but this should give you an idea of what Lady Gaga might have been like had she made it to these parts.

Plus, Chance gives his take on the show after the jump.

To begin with, I’d like to state that I am writing this the day after The Monster Ball and there is still a ringing in my ear. I would also like to state that the Monster Ball was hands down the best concert/performance I have ever witnessed. The most visually stimulating/sexual/multimedia experience to date.

Here are some highlights of the show for me:

When Gaga took the stage with Dance in the Dark. She was wrapped in twinkle lights and was quite literally dancing in the dark.

  • “Take my picture, fuckers” she proclaimed. Then she peppered in “Whip out your dicks, Atlanta!” which made the crowd of gays and hags go wild!
  • “Bad Romance,” was her encore and the crowd was screaming for more.
  • Her ballad, “Speechless,” brought down the house! She was crouched in her stilettos on a bench all while playing the piano. Then she sang a slow version of “Poker Face” but  came back with the original.
  • Costume changes were endless but done quickly. There was none of the antics most divas do, ya know, like taking 10 minutes to change.
  • The merch was surprisingly reasonable and Virgin Mobile had an interactive photo booth, so that you could get your own Gaga-esque pic, at no cost!
  • People watching was off the charts. So many crafty gays.

Since she isn’t coming to Dallas, I recommend you book your travel stat, no matter how much you have to pay for tickets. They were the most expensive concert tickets I’ve purchased but, in retrospect, I would have paid double. This tour is going to be for her, what the Blonde Ambition Tour was for Madonna. Although the small venues she’s playing makes the experience so much better.

Get on it gays! The Monster Ball is a bucket list item for days!microhackрассылка писем акция