Days before the single is released, Lady Gaga has leaked her newest single “Judas.” Gaga goes heavier in tone and message, but we’re gonna give it a few more listens so the earworm can completely take over our day. I’m digging the dance beat and it’s fairly cohesive with “Born This Way.”

The word is out that the video for this song is going to have a few people up in arms. Pop Crush posted this earlier in the week and it’s got us quite curious:

Lady Gaga‘s video for her next single ‘Judas’ could send religious fundamentalists into an uproar over its content. Gaga co-directed the video with her creative director Laurieann Gibson, whom she has been working with since before she was signed to Interscope. It was a major undertaking for Gibson — who is a woman of faith herself, and has biblical words to describe the final product.