Lady Gaga shoots flames out of her boobs, yet the fire department is worried about her limo blocking a lane?

Note to Dallas Fire-Rescue: If Lady Gaga tries to visit the Cedar Springs strip again Friday night after her show, please don’t run her off! There are four lanes. Is it really that big a deal if her limo is blocking one?

Round-Up Saloon co-owner Alan Pierce reports that Gaga planned to come to the bar — where she performed two years ago and which she mentioned during her show at the AAC on Thursday — but was turned away by an issue involving her limo and a fire truck. What? Surely she’ll be back tonight, right? If not DFR may have some serious explaining to do to the gays. Here’s what Pierce said:

If you attended the show you know the great PR the Round Up received last night, as well as the “after party” held at The Round Up! GaGa did come by and was going to come in until issues with a fire truck as her limo was blocking a lane on Cedar Springs … finally had to move on to W Hotel. Anyway, we are inundated with e-mails, Facebook postings, and calls about the GaGa praise of Round Up! Channel 11 came for in interview this morning. Check the 4:00 news.

UPDATE: Go here to watch Channel 11’s report.