I hadn’t heard this much buzz about a music video since Michael Jackson was releasing his mini-movies back in his Bad and Dangerous days. But the Web was abuzz with pics and gossip about Lady Gaga’s premiere of her latest video, “Telephone.” Coming off a fairly brilliant video for “Bad Romance” and the featured role of Beyonce in this song, anticipation seemed to be off the charts for her newest. I kept hearing stuff like “Paparazzi sequel,” “Tarantino-esque” and yes, “epic.”

Buuuuut, after watching it’s premiere on E! last night, I wasn’t that overwhelmed. I can appreciate the efforts behind the nine-minute vid, but by the end, I just had a big question mark over my head. It’s fun in its homage to women’s prison movies and Kill Bill. The subtextual love affair between Gaga and Beyonce is somewhat priceless, but if she wants to make a tiny movie, nine minutes isn’t enough for a choppy narrative and disjointed music delivery. I think I’d be more interested to watch it’s edited down version just to hear the song.

I think Gaga missed the mark in matching her great club song to the video’s intentions — whatever they were.game angry racerпродвижение сайта интернет