I just posted an AP story to the DallasVoice.com National News section about the lawsuit that Larry King’s parents have filed a lawsuit blaming everyone they can think of for his murder.

Larry, you probably remember, was the 15-year-old gay boy shot to death by a 14-year-old classmate, Brandon McInerney, last year just before Valentine’s Day because Larry told Brandon he liked him.

In general, I have no problem with the family of a murder victim filing a civil suit against whomever was responsible for their loved one’s death. But this one, well, it just hit me wrong.

Larry’s parents and his brother have named enarly two dozen defendants in the suit, including the suspect, his family, the school, the shelter for troubled teens where Larry lived and the local LGBT rights organization.. The suspect and his family I can understand. The school — sure, there may have been some culpability there if the school officials ignored some warning signs.

But to sue the shelter that was housing your teenage son and the gay rights group? That just seems to go too far. The suit claims Larry’s teacher and a social worker are to blame because they didn’t urge Larry — by all accounts, an effeminate young man — to butch it up and not be so gay.

They claim the school and the shelter, Casa Pacifica, knew Larry’s behavior was “sexually assertive,” but they didn’t do anything about it. They also claim the shelter gave Larry “cross-dressing clothes,” like some women’s boots, and that the Ventura County Rainbow Alliance encouraged Larry to make sexual advances toward Brandon.

First of all, I have a problem with the idea that Larry’s family obviously thought that his being gay meant something was wrong with him. The fact that the young man was living in a shelter shows that his home life obviously wasn’t working out too well for him. And well, I just have a problem overall with the idea that his family is refusing to take any responsibility for their own shortcomings and blaming everything on other people.

Plus, I have a MAJOR problem with the idea that one teenager having a crush on another, even if it’s a boy with a crush on another boy, is an example of being too sexually assertive and therefore life threatening.

Larry King’s murder was a horrible tragedy. This lawsuit, I think, is a travesty.game mobi onlinehfcrhenrf cfqnf