Jon Buice, the only one of 10 defendants who’s still in prison for the 1991 hate-crime murder of Houston’s Paul Broussard, is up for parole again. And Broussard’s mother, Nancy Rodriguez, has traveled from Georgia to Huntsville again to try to convince the Texas parole board to keep Buice behind bars. Buice, the knifeman who inflicted the deadly wound during Broussard’s attack in Houston’s Montrose neighborhood, has served 17 years of a 45-year sentence. Rodriguez wants him to serve at least 27 years, which would equal the length of her son’s life. The case has taken a strange twist in recent years, with gay-rights activist Ray Hill, who originally helped police catch Broussard’s killers, arguing for Buice’s release. Hill has befriended Buice and claims he’s remorseful for the attack, which Hill now says wasn’t a hate crime. The parole board is expected to make a decision next month. Above is yesterday’s report from Fox 26 in Houston.добавить сайт в поисковик googleпродвижение сайтов недвижимости