When The A List New York debuted on Logo last fall, I asked my partner, “Honey, are we A list?” “In Dallas?” he asked. “Yes.” “No, honey. We’re not. But we know them.”

He thought, like I did, that to be on the real A list, you have a to have a last name that begins with Nasher or Hamon or even Goss. I’ve met those folks, but I’m not them. Not even close.

The good news is, you don’t need to be them to get on Logo — this is basic cable, after all. And gay, at that.

Casting for The A List Dallas started last December, but apparently the producers are still looking for more fabulous Texans to round out their cast, and so the deadline for applying was extended to this Friday. That gives you two days to show America why you should be the Next Top Model Gay, Texas-style.

There are some criteria. Producers are scoping out a new or long-term gay male couple with “fabulous job, hot friends” who live an A list lifestyle (that’s defined as “home/car/parties/career” — that’s pretty low bar; without two of those, you’d probably be homeless). Another casting spot is open for a “single gay Republican” who is dating and open about his conservative beliefs. He’s also expected to have a fabulous job and hot friends. Guess that leaves me out, though I did vote for Reagan!

Finally, here’s a game-changer: A woman — the “Paris Hilton of Dallas!” And not necessarily a lesbian. Yep, they are looking for a ‘hag. All are expected to be “20s to 30s.” Does the age you put on your Grindr profile count?

If you think you’d like to be one of these, have at it! Send your resume (a photo and brief bio to Info.Atomic@mac.com ASAP). We’d love to see you on TV!