All right, all right. Don’t laugh at your blogmistress for her fashion update. After all, how fashionable can she be with a sore swollen abdomen and legs pokey from edema? Well I don’t have to be runway ready since I’m housebound much of the time — I’m only 11 days out from surgery and I cannot drive yet.

But tonight Kate took me out to dinner, so I “dressed up” in the outfit you see in the pic and in this vlog. The oh-so-fashionable sweater w/matching scarf is courtesy of a Macy’s fire sale rack plus a 25% off coupon discount = . Smart blogmistresses are cheeeep.

Oh, by the way, OT — Macy’s has a scam going on if you surf its web site. This same sweater is on there for an outrageous , but if you go into the store it was .99. Poor schmoes who dropped for this sweater. Beware of buying anything on its web site without checking your local store first.

Back to my health update. So in this vlog I discuss the doctor visit yesterday, where I learned that 1) my incisions are healing OK; the troublesome one is not infected; 2) the pathology report on my now-former uterus and cervix said it was cancer-free (YAY!); 3) I do need to watch the pain management. I tried toughing it out on ibuprofen alone over the weekend and boy that was a FAIL. I still need to take the oxycontin at bedtime since I need restorative sleep, and I was having insomnia on the ibuprofen. I don’t need the hardcore stuff during the day anymore.

The only other time I plan use it is if I overdo something and the pain ratchets up. I’ve been mostly sleeping (anyone notice I overslept and didn’t launch the DADT hearing liveblog until 10 min after 9AM today, LOLOL), or resting. Not exactly active. I haven’t been hungry, so keeping my blood glucose on track hasn’t been hard.

My challenge will be next week. I am going to attempt to drive. This was not going to happen had I not received my Hystersisters Abdominal Support Binder, which I show you in the video. Basically, gravity isn’t your friend post-op. I cannot lie on my side because it feels like my insides are going to fall out, which is actually pressure on the internal stitches. The binder, worn under your clothes and under or on top of your underwear, holds you in and feels wonderful because it is lightly padded and protects your incisions. I still use a bed pillow between me and the seatbelt when a passenger, so I will have to test whether driving with just the binder is workable yet.

So the fashion discussion in the vlog is the limitations of what I can comfortably wear – jeans will be out for some time. My doc said many women say after surgery that wearing jeans, which are thicker than other pants and have less give, even with Lycra, really cause a weird sensation in their abdomen, so that’s usually the last addition back into one’s wardrobe.

What am I wearing? Well since I’m home, it’s drab cotton nightgowns and a fleece robe (I have chills quite often; that’s caused by my ovaries and hormone fluctuations from the impact of surgery). As I say in the video, it’s going to be mostly loose dresses with long sleeve shirts/mock turtlenecks, and tunics with leggings, which are comfortable in my case. I also have a supply of the infamous knee-high socks (from my ill-fated Macy’s trip last week when I hurt myself) to go with the dresses. I’m not ready for tights yet. So I will be fashionably uncool but there’s nothing new there. Except for the knee-high argyles. 🙂

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