The latest venue in the Arts District will open Thursday night.

The new Annette Strauss Artists Square has been desecrating the magnificent Winspear Opera House since just weeks after the opera house opened. Answering my horrified questions about the cinder-block monstrosity growing under the Winspear’s graceful canopy, I was told that was just the frame of the frame of the structure and it would become another wonderful piece of architecture once completed.

I was shocked to hear that it was opening tonight. Passing it every day on my way to work I’ve been wondering when it was going to start being magnificent. I got my answer today. It’s not.

It’s a concrete block that looks more like a place to store the lawn mower than another performance facility.

Why no photos on this post? I couldn’t find one online. ATTPAC must be so embarrassed that there’s not a single photo on their website. None online. Anywhere. Every pic of the Winspear obscures the tool shed. I’ll get some over the weekend and update next week.

The Winspears should be outraged.

The Strauss family should be insulted. It’s really horrible.

Tear it down! Get rid of it! It’s an eyesore! And it opens tonight with a free concert by Rachel Stacy & Stingray at 7:30 p.m. Reservations are required but the event is free.

From the ATTpac:

Blankets welcome; lawn chairs not allowed
Concessions available for purchase
Convenient parking located at the Center and throughout the Dallas Arts District

Admission is FREE but tickets are required to reserve your space.
1. Visit
2. Select “performances and tickets” then “on sale now”
3. Click “September 16” then select “Strauss Square Tuning Concert”
4. Enter promo code “TUNING” to reserve your tickets
5. Continue to checkout

Please use our new print at home delivery method.
Tickets will not be mailed for this event.