Why doesn’t Laura Bush just come right out and say that she supports same-sex marriage? The former first lady appeared on “Fox News Sunday” in what is said to be the first interview conducted in the couple’s new Preston Hollow home. Host Chris Wallace asked Bush whether she supports gay marriage. She gave pretty much the same response she gave last week when asked the same question by CNN’s Larry King:

“What I really believe is that it’s something that is so difficult,” Bush told Wallace on Sunday. “It’s a very, very difficult issue for very many people because the marriage between a man and a woman is so fundamental to our civic life for all of our history, for the history of humans. And it’s a debate that I think people want to have, and I hope they have it in a way that protects people. And in many ways, I think it’s generational and that gay marriage will come. I’m OK with that.”

Laura was also asked about her views on “don’t ask don’t tell,” and she told Wallace she doesn’t have an opinion about it. “Well I think that’s just something else that the military and the legislators are going to have to talk about and figure out what is really best for the United States military,” she said.

It seems more and more like Laura’s comments on same-sex marriage are just designed to create a stir and drum up publicity for her book. She’s never actually said that she supports same-sex marriage, and now she isn’t even sure about DADT. Until she actually does something tangible to support LGBT equality, it’s all just talk — talk designed to sell books, because Preston Hollow ain’t cheap. If Laura feels so strongly about gay rights, maybe it’s time for her to start appearing at fundraisers for LGBT groups in Dallas. It would be a small step toward undoing some of the tremendous harm inflicted by her husband on the community.

Note: The question about same-sex marriage comes at about the 12:30 mark in the above clip.сколько стоит продвинуть сайт