State Rep. Garnet Coleman

OK fine, he does it every biennial session, so it’s not huge news, but hey, made you look!

State Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, sent out a Policy and News Alert today in which he recaps recent advances for marriage equality across the country. Coleman also confirms his plans to continue filing bills to repeal Texas’ 2005 constitutional amendment, which bans both same-sex marriage and civil unions. From Coleman’s email:

“While major progress is being made state by state for marriage equality, the fight is not over. Texas and thirty-seven other states have laws in place denying marriage equality to all couples. For this reason, I file a bill every session to repeal the ban on marriage equality in Texas. Barring same-sex couples from legally entering into a lifelong commitment of marriage comes from an old school of thought and is a blatant denial of civil rights. Every American and Texan should have the ability to enter a loving and committed relationship with the person of their choice.”

Coleman, among the staunchest LGBT allies in the Texas Legislature, faces a challenge in this year’s Democratic Primary from controversial gay activist Ray Hill.

Read Coleman’s full email on his blog.