On Wednesday, September 15th, from 6 – 7 PM, AMERICAblog and several other LGBT blogs and bloggers will be hosting a live chat with the Democratic candidate for Senate from NH, Paul Hodes. He is a strong supporter of marriage equality — and we need more marriage supporters in the Senate. Hodes currently the Congressman from the NH’s Second District. The guy is a real progressive.

Tomorrow is primary day in New Hampshire. GOP voters in New Hampshire will pick their nominee to run against Hodes. There’s not much of a choice. According to the latest poll, from Magellan Strategies, long-time frontrunner Kelly Ayotte is leading Ovide Lamontagne: 35% – 31%. That’s within the margin of error. According to the pollster, Lamontagne has picked up 10 points in since September 1. Ayotte and Lamontagne not only opposes marriage equality (in a state where marriage is legal), they both oppose gay adoption. That’s pretty extreme:

Pretty clear we’d lose ground if Ayotte or Lamontagne wins.

Join us on Wednesday. We’ll know by then who Hodes will be facing in November. But, it’s pretty clear that it’s going to be a very stark choice: Equality vs. Homophobia.