eXXXoticaAccording to Dallas Councilman Scott Griggs, the eXXXotica lawsuit has cost the city $245,000 so far. Or as Councilman Philip Kingston points out, that’s $4,000 a day.

EXXXotica is a porn convention — sorry — they hate when I call it that: the largest expo in the country dedicated to love and sex — that would like to return to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

Kay Bailey Hutchison went to Dallas City Council to tell them she didn’t think porn — I mean love and sex — should be in her convention center. Only it’s not hers. It’s Dallas’ center and it loses money each year because, well, when an expo wants to book the facility during a week when nothing else is going on in the Kay, Dallas says no.

Five council members oppose spending money on litigation the city will lose just to say “We oppose porn in Dallas” — Griggs and Kingston plus Adam Medrano, Sandy Greyson and Mark Clayton. Until a couple more council folks change their votes, the legal bills will continue to pile up until a judge orders the city to allow porn, I mean love and sex, into the Kay.

Next time you drive through a pothole in Dallas, just remember, the council has kept us safe from porn — I mean love and sex — in a part of the city you really have to go out of your way to even see, unless you’re at City Hall. It’s actually next door to City Hall.