Eileen Hernandez, left,  and Jennifer Mijares

Eileen Hernandez, left, and Jennifer Mijares

A lesbian and a straight ally recently made history in the border town of Eagle Pass when they were crowned homecoming queens on Friday.

Eileen Hernandez, who is gay, and Jennifer Mijares are both members of the Gay Straight Alliance at the C.C. Winn High School in Eagle Pass Independent School District.

Eagle Pass is a border town about 150 miles southeast of San Antonio. They ran on a platform of gay rights and equality.

With the club’s support, they campaigned for Homecoming Court, but they did face some negativity.

“One negative comment changed it to 10 positive comments,” Mijares told News 4 San Antonio.

“If one person would try bringing us down, so many others would say ‘No, keep your head up. What you guys are doing is awesome,'” Hernandez adds.

When their crowning moment came, they both shed tears of joy that their school supported their efforts for equality.

“We’re just smiling like crazy,” Hernandez says. “Tears fell down our face.”

“And we made a difference,” she added.

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