sodomIn light of our governor’s statements about closing Texas to refugees, I think a brief Bible lesson is in order.

Everyone knows the story of Sodom: God became so disgusted by the behavior of the residents of Sodom, he destroyed it. True (or as true as the story goes).

And the behavior he was punishing was homosexuality.

Not true.

The real biblical story of Sodom is this: Strangers came to Sodom and Lot, a man there, took them in — opened his doors to these foreigners in need. His male neighbors objected. They knocked on Lot’s door. “Give us the strangers so that we might know them,” they demanded. (That’s the “homosexuality” thread of the story — by “know them,” the neighbors meant know them carnally: to rape the strangers.) Lot refused, going so far as to offer his own virgin daughters in place of the strangers. Steadfastly he refused to betray the strangers. But the neighbors would have none of it and broke down the door.

That’s the reason God destroyed Sodom: Not for sexual intercourse between men, but because the men lacked humanitarian openness, neighborliness, friendship. The lesson of Sodom in the Bible is that man is compelled by God to welcome his fellow man, even the stranger. In the New Testament, Jesus preached much the same thing, even going so far as to say if someone strikes your right cheek, offer him your left. Judeo-Christian principles compel the faithful to accept strangers, to treat them as their own, even if it causes them pain. That is the nature of humanity.

Why is it that self-defined “fundamentalists” only believe the language in the Bible when they read it from a place of hate?

Gov. Abbott wants to close Texas to Syrian refugees. Gov. Abbott, you are a sodomite. I mean, clearly, undeniably, indefensibly. Let me repeat: By definition, our governor is a sodomite. How dare he. How dare everyone who feels that way.