I was out of commission Thursday afternoon, recovering from a migraine, so I am late in posting this. But I wanted people to read what Fort Worth Police Chief had to say yesterday in this letter I got in my e-mail:

In appreciation for the time you spent talking with me Tuesday night, I wanted you to see a letter that is being posted on our City’s website.

Also, I am sending out a press release today that basically says the FWPD is NOT going to assist the TABC with “bar inspections” until a few things are accomplished:

1-I want to meet in person with the TABC director to discuss our roles in these efforts…I want to make them more ‘service’ based instead of enforcement.

2-a number of witnesses have come forward and that is a good thing. I want a complete internal investigation completed and discuss the findings with the community and evaluate what changes can take place…

3-I am working closely with our own HR department to assess the availability of multi-culturalism training. I don’t have the funds but will find them ASAP if a good program can assist our department.

4-Since I am new to this region (6 months), I want to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs and ensure they are the right thing for our community. They are very effective if done right…time will assist me with making that decision.

Thanks again to both of you. I hold true to my promise to meet with a group of leaders to discuss how we can work together to make positive changes.

Have a safe and happy 4th!


(Jeffrey W. Halstead, Fort Worth police chief).заказать текст на английскомподдержка сайтов месяц