Cortes needs to go

I don’t always agree with The Dallas Morning News, but I believe that paper’s opinion piece titled "Cortes deserves defeat" is correct not only for Precinct 5, but for our community.

I believe Cortes’ time in office has not only been appalling, but that he is part of the "old guard" in our city. Mr. Cortes does not deserve our backing just because he participated in our parade and attended a few meetings.

Our community needs to be above supporting someone just because they are nice to our face and we see them on occasion. We need to get behind someone that at least has a chance to clean up the mess Mr. Cortes has made of the constable’s office.

I believe the old saying "Where there is smoke there is fire" is true in Mr. Cortes’ case. If only 10 percent of all the stories about his corruption are true, he deserves to be voted out.

I have seen him in action and can state for the record that he is not a professional. I heard him at a meeting of gay people, after he looked at his watch about 20 times, say, "Let’s get out of here." I took that to mean that he had made his appearance and it was time to move on before anyone had time to ask him about all the stories concerning his conduct in office.

Some people can’t handle power; they only learn how to abuse it. We need someone to restore public trust, and based upon Mr. Cortes’ actions thus far, he is way too deep in corruption to do that.

I don’t know Beth Villarreal, but do believe she offers us a break from the old ways of doing business in Dallas and at the same time give us a fresh start. Please vote for Beth Villarreal for constable Precinct 5. Please note that I do not work for Beth Villarreal and have never had dealing with her in any way. I hate to sound like a negative person, but my vote for her is merely a vote against someone I feel needs to be replaced.

Patrick Murphy

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition April 2, 2010.
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